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What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of adding targeted keywords and content to your web pages as well as your your social media and more. So when your target customer performs a keyword search on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, they will find your website. If you show up on the first page you have a high ranking for the keyword phrases they entered for their search. This content goes in a variety of places to help Google's algorithms find you.

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How well does your website rank for keywords and phrases on Google, Bing and or Yahoo.

  • How many and what social links, citations, backlinks and percentage of alt tags you have versus what your competitors have.

  • We check your website page architecture.

  • What do you need to do to beat your competition!

Organic Search Results VS Google Paid Results

Organic VS Paid Search Results

According to a recent study, over 90% of all internet users abandon their searches after the first page of results with close to 50% clicking on the first two organic listings.

Most search engines return ten "natural" or organic results per page. If your company is not ranking high enough on search engine results, it is likely that your prospects will never find you.

 Web Page Content is King!

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Keyword Content

We work with you to determine which keywords you wish to rank for.

  • Who is your target audience and what would they be looking for when they do an internet search.

  • We perform a keyword research of actual searches by people to determine the best keywords and phrases to help you rank for on search engines.

  • We check out your competition with the highest organic ranking and see what keyword and content are successful for them.

  • Knowing your competition will also help you with the keywords you should use on your site pages to meet the needs of your customers.

web page title tag

Title Tags

Title Tags are usually the first search criteria. 

  • Ensure every page on your website has your unique title which helps search engines find you.

  • Each Title tells the meaning or theme of each page.

  • We help you determine what these Title Tags should be.

  • Please note: No more than 55 characters. Otherwise it will not show in search results...

meta description examples

Meta Descriptions

  • Although not considered searched on every page should have unique and accurate Meta Description. They are often picked up by Google and served as the “snippet” of information that appears on search engine results pages. We help you with the best snippets and what should be in them.

  • This is a good place to put your phone number so they don't even have to click to your website to contact you. See what a meta description looks like when doing a search >>>

Measuring your results

Google Analytics

We set up a Google Analytics Account for you to receive accurate traffic information. A complete checklist of the headings and content for the main pages you want to rank for will be presented to ensure that your website is search engine friendly.

Social Media

Off-Site SEO or social media is equally important to the entire process. We provide both. Organic Search Engine Optimization usually takes 3 to six months to complete. In some cases, it may take up to a year to take effect for all features to take effect. Including Google local search results and Social Media Marketing Services to for time-sensitive projects. This includes registrations from Local Citations, Social Accounts and places, Google maps, and Bing Places, Google My Business, Yp, Yelps,YouTube and much more.


More people are using mobile devices than ever, and search engines are using innovative techniques to tailor content to them. To make sure you're not left behind, you'll want to not only ensure your content looks great on mobile devices, but also help search engines decide what kinds of queries you should rank for.

We need to evolve to a mobile-first web, there are solutions designed to attract and satisfy search engines and keep consumers happy. There are tactics that help ensure increased organic reach, in addition to highlighting smart ways to view data, intent, consumer choice and crawl optimization.